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Wind power opponents say studies are flawed

by Jack Deming
The Deerfield Valley News, December 2, 2013

TOWNSHEND – “The neighbors count, no matter what.” That was the message Stephen Ambrose brought to a discussion on the negative impact of wind power Friday night, hosted by Vermonters for a Clean Environment.

Ambrose also brought 35 years of environmental noise-consulting experience to the United Church of Christ, where he was joined by local politicians, as well as Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire residents, all affected by the construction of windmills near their homes.

Ambrose explained that the system by which companies like Iberdrola Renewables perform noise studies is often flawed. Turbulence and decibels are often recorded near the base of trees where levels are lower, along with distances as close as 50 feet away. Ambrose says the correct way to monitor the sound output of wind turbines is to use hemispherical divergence, which shows a drop of six decibels by every distance doubled. “You need to get away by 400 feet before you can start to listen,” said Ambrose. “At nighttime you need to be 1,000 feet away.” Continue reading