More Info

Madison Town Council and Planning Board Members – contact info
Town of Madison’s website

Energy Industrialization – Impacts on a Residential Community
Article by Town of Madison resident Nancy Reis, April 4, 2012

How to prepare and submit comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Study

New Wind Energy Development guidelines from US Fish & Wildlife

Information about wind power from around the web:
Cohocton Wind Watch
Industrial Wind Action Group
Problems with Wind Power
National Wind Watch

Wind Farms in Upstate New York

Top Ten False and Misleading Claims of the Windpower Industry
The High Cost of Renewable Electricity Mandates

News articles:
Upstate Too Populated To Accommodate Huge Wind Turbines – from The Freeman’s Journal
“Boondoggle in tax code: Subsidies for green energy” – from Washington Examiner
Wind industry wants to keep taxpayer subsidies – from Wall Street Journal

Health effects of living near industial wind turbines:
Wind Turbines and Proximity to Homes: The Impact of Wind Turbine Noise on Health
Wind Turbine Syndrome
Acoustic Ecology Institute

One response to “More Info

  1. Bob & Arlene Bene

    For more info on the Web…Type in Wind Spin and go to FACTCHECK.ORG. There are other sites like Misdirection and Fluff etc. Good info to make up your mind on Wind Spin.

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