Maps & Documents

May 2013 Town of Madison Wind Survey Results

January 2013 Wind Committee Report and Proposed Law
Report of Town of Madison Wind Advisory Committee
Proposed Wind Power Facilities Law for the Town of Madison

Powerpoint presentation about the Wind Power Facilities Law
• PDF version of the presentation – for people without Powerpoint

Proposed Wind Turbine Locations
– shown on Tax Map
April 27 – Updated Topo Map of Rolling Upland Project Area

Rolling Upland’s viewshed maps – Area of Potential Impact

Town of Madison Comprehensive Plan, October 2011 draft
Town of Madison Moratorium Law – June 20, 2012 draft
Town of Madison Moratorium – May 10, 2012 draft
Adopting Local Laws in New York State
Report on Public Hearing April 18 2012
Madison Windpower Regulations 2011 Final Vs

Summary/Description of new Article 10 PSA

NY-AG-Code-of-Conduct Horizon

Petition for Wind Power Moratorium, Town of Madison, NY

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