Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Rolling Upland’s Proposed Industrial Wind Complex
The entire document is 881 pages, so we’ve split it up into individual sections to make it more reader friendly. First read the Executive Summary to get an overview. Then pick an issue that you can relate to and go to that section. Make notes that can help you write a comment letter. Think about your own living experience, work expertise, hobby expertise (birding, hunting, hiking etc.). Everyone has a right to comment. This will have regional impact, not just on Madison and Hamilton. If you want to download the entire 881-page document, it is at the end of the list below. It is a 76 MB file.

The Planning Board will accept written comments on the DGEIS until 5:00 pm on May 18, 2012. Written comments will be given the same consideration as any oral comments made at the public hearing. Please submit written comments to:
Town of Madison Planning Board
P.O. Box 66
Madison, NY 13402

We suggest you send your comments by Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested.

1. Cover and Firms Involved
2. Contents, Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations
3. Executive Summary
4. Ch. 1 – Introduction
5. Ch. 2 – Project
6. Ch. 3 – Resource Characterization, Impact Assessment, and Mitigation
7. Ch. 4 – Alternatives
8. Ch. 5 – Growth Inducing Impacts
9. Ch. 6 – Cumulative Impacts
10. Ch. 7 – Unavoidable Adverse Environmental Impacts
11. Ch. 8 – Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources
12. References
13. Figures
14. Appendix A – Special Use Permit Regs
15. Appendix B – Aerial Photos of Project Area
16. Appendix C – GE 1.6-100 Wind Trubine Specs
17. Appendix D – Project Site Layout Drawings
18. Appendix E – Invasive Species Management Plan
19. Appendix F – Wildlife Baseline Study Report
20. Appendix G – NYSDOT Blasting Procedures
21. Appendix H – Operation and Maintenance Plan
22. Appendix I – Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Spill Prevention
23. Appendix J – Soils and Sediment Info
24. Appendix K – Erosion and Sediment Control
25. Appendix L – Environmental Monitoring Plan
26. Appendix M – Guidelines for Agricultural Mitigation
27. Appendix N – Wetland Analysis
28. Appendix O – Preliminary Field Review
29. Appendix P – Representative Photos of Project Area
30. Appendix Q – intentionally left blank
31. Appendix R – NYNHP Response Letter
32. Appendix S – Total Species Observed
33. Appendix T – Visual Documents
34. Appendix U – Guidelines, Cultural Resource Survey
35. Appendix V – Market Profile Report
36. Appendix W – Final Economic Impact Report for Illinois
37. Appendix X – Impact on Residential Prop. Values
38. Appendix Y – Snowmobile Use Docs
39. Appendix Z – Microwave Path Analysis
40. Appendix AA – Decommissioning Plan
41. Appendix AB – Sound Survey and Noise Impact
42. Appendix AC – Complaint Resolution Plan
43. Appendix AD – Transportation and Road Use

Rolling Upland DGEIS – entire book in one file (76MB)

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