As if it’s not cold enough — this is chilling!

About 60 people gathered recently in Grafton, Vermont, for the second in a series of three wind forums, this one focused largely on the value of properties located near wind projects.

•  In a study by McCann Appraisal, LLC in Lee County, Ill., the average price per square foot for a home outside two miles of the wind project was $104.72. For those that were within two miles of the project the average sale price was $78.84 per square foot — a decline in value of approximately 25 percent.

•  A couple who lives 3,800 feet from the Georgia Wind project — a project which includes only FOUR tubines — are affected by noise from the turbines and filed an appeal in July 2013 to the Board of Civil Authority to have their home reappraised. “The committee recommended the property-assessed value by the town be reduced by 12 percent.”

Click here to read the article from the Brattleboro Reformer

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